Transportation Prop Box

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Your Price: $269.95 Price:
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We’ve taken our top products and bundled them together as Prop Boxes to support thematic learning. Each item is carefully chosen to support different aspects of the theme and stimulate the enquiry process. The variety of products make them perfect for individual or group activities. Store everything in the included bin for easy cleanup and organization. Introduce different transportation methods, including eco-friendly options, across a variety of disciplines. Includes Community & Roadway Essentials, Engineer Costume, Transportation Stampers, Mini-Motors Counters, Power Up To Fight Pollution, Stacking Boats, Wheels on the Bus, Primary Science Leap & Launch Rocket, Vehicles Chunky Puzzle, Outside Sounds Listening Lotto, Trucks, Trains & Planes Flannel Board Set and 56 Quart storage container with lid. Ages 2+.


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