Medicine Wheel/Seven Teachings Carpet

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Medicine Wheel/7 Teachings Carpet - 5'4"

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Medicine Wheel/7 Teachings Carpet - 7'7"

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This beautiful New Medicine Wheel/Seven Teachings Carpet symbolizes traditional North American First Nations Teachings. The Seven Teachings identify the core values of truth, honesty, love, courage, respect, humility and wisdom. The Medicine Wheel is symbolized by the 4 colours at the centre of the carpet, each enclosing an eagle feather. The Medicine Wheel offers a window to how we see others and a mirror to ourselves; it's circular form shows no beginning and no end and is all encompassing. The centre symbolizes children. Children are located at the centre because they represent the renewal of humanity. Each of the four colours within the outer circle is oriented to a specific direction and represents, among other attributes: the four races of people on earth, the seasons of nature, the developmental stages and elements of the human being; Yellow: East-Spring-Place of illumination-Spirit. Red: South-Summer-Place of trust and innocence-Emotion. Black: West-Fall-Place of introspection-Mind. White: North-Winter-Place of wisdom-Body. Outer Yellow Sunburst: This extra element represents wellness and happiness. Sizes are approximate. Carpet Warranty Manufactured to meet heavy use requirements. Colour seal and stain protection. Lifetime limited wear guarantee. Will not mat or crush. Durable stitched serging.



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