Runabout Cube

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Your Price: $2,974.95 Price:
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Features Stadium Seating! Kids love the "higher seating!". They can pretend they're riding on a stagecoach! Easier for caregivers to load and unload the kiddies. It's easy to handle and the large tires give a "cushion of air" ride, gliding easily through parks or rough paths. Features include: Flat-free tires, adjustable handle to suit all "drivers", adjustable seats with washable pads, it has both safety harnesses and seat belts, wheel discs to protect fingers from spokes, quick release store-all basket, water bottle, and built-in parking brake. Tires: 40cm/16" front and 45cm/18" rear. Maximum weight is 60 lbs per seat. Minimal assembly required. Lifetime frame warranty and two year parts warranty.


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