Alfresco 1 Way In, 2 Ways Out

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Your Price: $1,099.95 Price:
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Introducing Alfresco Gyms, a new concept that brings physical activity into the everyday curriculum in your classroom! Each kit is a complete play area designed to be developmentally appropriate for all levels of gross motor development. Made of high density, light-weight plastic, these units will last for years without fading or warping. Simple slot-and-groove connection system for simple assembly. Indoor and Outdoor use. Includes 2 'U' slot-in block, 1 'Y' slot-in block, 1 beam, 1 stair/slope, 1 wave beam, 1 tunnel beam, 1 mini-bridge and instruction booklet. 8 pieces. Max weight is 27.2kg (60 lbs). Grades Pre K-1. Ages 3-6.


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