What Makes You Happy?

January is often a down time of year when finances have dwindled and the fun and excitement of Christmas seems long ago, the nights are long and spring seems a long way off. Here we are eagerly awaiting a good dump of snow! It seems like little kids (and big) all over the province are being deprived of their fair share of tobogganing, snowman and snow hut building. Bring on the snow!

In the meantime we are exploring emotions this month and of course the best emotion to start with is HAPPY. A discussion about what makes us happy and how we feel when we are happy ensured Daisy understood the emotion.

You need:

The challenge was to produce a collage that would reflect as many things as possible that make you happy.

Daisy found the idea of putting it all in one small piece of card too limiting and began to explore drawing first. This is Mama, Papa and Rose.

I worked beside her and we chatted about what makes each other happy. As I found pictures in old magazines she began to search for particular images.  Above were her second and third collages.

We had to stop for supper but the next day she asked if she could continue with the activity. I helped with cutting a few images out but the rest she completed herself and was very proud. This collage now hangs on her wall to remind her why she is happy every day.

If you are interested here are some of the things that make me happy. I tried to list them but linear order changes the meaning and seems to rank them. I much prefer giving you the challenge of reading my collage!

Very important, here is my wonderful husband cooking supper:

Thank you Francois for your help and support with 2 Flowers Learn.

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