Using a Calendar with Preschoolers

Using a calender at home was something I debated with. Time passing is such as abstract concept for preschoolers. Daisy tends to think of days as either an at home day or a day care day.

We use an Animal Friends Yearly Calendar and refer to it at least weekly.

I did put all the numbers in once and then decided just to do weekends and special occasions. At the beginning of the month we look at our event calender and see when we have important days in the coming month. These may be birthdays, mother's day, holidays or special days at daycare.

l help Daisy to add the dates for Saturdays and Sundays and then we pick out triangles for special days. The emphasis is on number recognition and celebrating special days rather than remembering what date it is.

Inserting the numbers and triangles requires fine motor skills.

The days are changed when we remember. I struggled with this and asked Daisy to do it everyday for a while. The task then became a chore rather than fun. Now we do it when we remember and the emphasis is on what day today is, what day came before and what day will be next. The discussion is about what is happening today or the next day. This tends to be used when there is something exciting coming up.

Looking outside at the weather is always exciting and helps us to plan activities for the day.

The season helps us remember to change our book collection.

I am a book lover and have a rather huge collection of children's books. They are now neatly organized in seasonal bankers boxes and rotated through the year. A new season means exciting new books to explore.

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Do you have a formal Calender time?

3 thoughts on “Using a Calendar with Preschoolers”

  • 52BrandNew

    We don't have a formal calendar time, but my son has loved calendars ever since he was 3 years old. For Christmas this year, he got the Melissa and Doug magnetic calendar. It is the one Christmas gift that he still uses every single day!

  • Jackie Higgins

    We do the same. We do a calendar but we can't keep up with it every day so we just catch up. my 4 year old is a little confused about the passing of time. Often he goes in for rest time and then thinks it's a new day. lol

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