The Sound 'I' (short i)

It seems like forever since we did a sound/letter post. We have been doing lots of word and letter work I have just been keeping it to myself! So here I am sharing our work the sound 'i' (short i) makes.

For the sound ‘i’ our activities included:

  • Playing pairs with the first 6 letters. These cards are photocopied from JP Handbook

  • Making cvc words with 'i' as the vowel.

  • We made an igloo using a Styrofoam half sphere and cotton balls.

  • Another igloo from sugar cubes. There were more but my husband used them in his coffee!

  • An 'i' word search from DLTK. Just be aware that the long and short 'i' sounds are used in this word search. As Daisy was finding words we discussed the sound the initial letter was making. This activity was done together as the words are beyond Daisy and the concept of word searching was new.

  • 'i' movements- as you can see the movements are ice skating, child's pose for insect and sliding along like an inch worm. Movement Activities A To Z is a great book I have just discovered and I will be telling you you more about it in the future.
  • Yoga was limited for this sound although we did work on breathing, emphasizing the inhale and exhale.
  • Looking at various representations of Ii on Pinterest

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