The sound 'A'

We were working on 'A' last week. Here are some of the 'a' activities:

- Quick 'a' find; animals, ankle, apples, Alligator Baby

- Finding 'a' in books; we looked through Rose's alphabet books and did a search for 'a' book titles.

- Finger writing 'a' and reading 'a' words. Jolly Phonics uses the letter in the middle of a word as well as at the beginning.

- Leaning about ants. We borrowed 'What is an Insect?' from the library and learned that insects have three body parts and six legs. This led to classifying our Backyard Bugs which was a lot of fun. The dragonfly was an issue for Daisy as it was hard to see the thorax but we agreed it was an insect eventually. Another great book we read is called 'Ants'. It has beautiful photographs (if you can call ants beautiful!) and clearly presented information.

- Making cardboard ants.

You need:

What to do:

Cut the egg carton into 3 part sections. Daisy gave this a go and I finished it off.

Paint the ant body brown and leave to dry.

Make holes in the thorax using a pencil and hold-it.

Add stems to make the legs. So I was figuring out how to thread the legs through each side (using 2 stems and folding the stem into 3). Daisy lifted her ant body and started to thread the stem through as you can see in the picture. Her thinking was much more logical then mine. I love it when kids teach you!

We had to fold the legs to make the ant stand up.  Adding wiggle eyes completed the craft.

- Making ants on a log.

When I asked Daisy how ants many were on the log, Daisy responded that she had one ant. When I questioned her (thinking I had put 3 raisins on the cheese) she responded "Only one ant mummy, see here is the head, the thorax and the abdomen". I guess that tells me!

- Making marshmallow ants

Marshmallows, toothpick legs and antennae and choc chip eyes make very cute ants.

Rose enjoyed a mini version, toothpick free, while cooling down from playing outside.

- Online ant jigsaw

This was an interesting introduction to using the mouse. I discovered that when it comes to teaching anything techie my patience is lacking. I handed this activity off to my husband who did a great job.

All in all it was a great sound 'A' week. Look out for 'T' next week.

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