The Silly Game

This is a game that I was intrigued with from the moment I saw it. I love any excuse to be silly and this game combines silliness with exercise.

The two large die are quickly inflated and are a great size for a group of children to see clearly. I used this game as part of a series of games at a recent school picnic. It was a hit. The children loved the anticipation of the die falling and were quick to complete the activities.

The game is simple and comes with 3 play area marker cones, 1 movement dice and 1 action dice.

I am afraid I have no photos at all of this game in action... too busy playing to stop and take one! Here is a sample happy bunch enjoying The Silly Game!

I was working with a mixed age of children and suggest:

  • Count the numbers together as all the children do the activity (the non counters can follow along)
  • Pair up before the game starts (you need a partner for wheelbarrow and each pair should be a comparable size)

We played in a group of 12 or so children. The adults threw the die and the children performed the actions. This was a non competitive event and the children enjoyed it immensely. The instructions are detailed but really it is open to all sorts of possibilities.

My daughter has played with The Silly Game a number of times in the last week. It is the go to game when she is not sure what to do next.

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