The Best New Math game - Newmero

The joy of teaching math is that we can turn most concepts into games.

I was asked to try a new product from Quality Classrooms called Newmero. I am always looking for fun new ways to develop mathematical understanding that can be used in my multiage and classroom.

The Newmero Large Pack contains 18 units (ones), 18 tens, 18 hundreds and 3 thousands. Some of my Grade 3 students are working in ones and needed to refresh their number friends to 10 and so will be working with the ones while some grade 4 students are confident working in the 1000's. 

There are many games suggested in the guide with the set and their website has how-to videos, which were great resources.

We decided to try number bonds to ten, called "ten friends" by Newmero.

Using the yellow bricks first, students took turn to find number friends.

They could:

place the bricks side by side so that the jigsaw patterns matched perfectly: 

count the knobs on the top edges 7+3=10 (they add to ten).

Clicked together they look like this:

back to back:

place the bricks back to back and check for gaps 5+3=8 (too small)

or over lap 8+3+11 (too big)

We played a version of memory to help students become familiar with the bricks and notice 'tricks' for checking number recognition (the knobs and jigsaw patterns).

Once students were more familiar with the bricks we began building 3 digit numbers.

They also explored how the bricks stacked together to create numbers. We talked about how the bricks we can see on top do not always make the number.

The student on the left is learning to organize the bricks so the knob is on the right and needed a reminder to "line up the knobs".

Here a number is being explored and a student is using their own method for adding.

Here we see some options for creating one number:

500 + 60 = 7

100 + 400 + 10 + 50 + 7

300 + 200 + 20 + 40 + 6 + 1

100 + 100 + 300 + 60 + 2 + 5

Great addition practice! While we could have made this into a game, students were happy building the numbers I asked for and when they had made their own number they helped each other.

The Newmero Large Pack is a math manipulative that I will be pulling out regularly to help with guided math small group teaching. If you would like to have more bricks or teach Kindergarten these options may be of interest:

The Newmero Kindergarten Pack contains only ones and tens and has a great video explaining how to use the bricks, exercises and games and benefits.

The Newmero Class Pack contains 5 sets, great for small group work, or a class working as groups.


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