Rainbow Collage

Daisy has been fascinated with rainbows for a few months now. She draws and colours them at every opportunity. With St. Paddy's Day fast approaching I decided to encourage a collage rainbow. I love collage and mixed media art and always had a decent stash of collage materials ready to use in my classroom. I have been trying to do the same at home but had not figured out how to store this lovely collage stuff. In work I discovered, debated and nabbed some lovely storage boxes and labelled them up in case anyone wanted them back!

They are a good size, can stack on top of each other and were free.

Other containers I use include recycled jam and pasta sauce jars, peanut butter containers, apples sauce and yogurt pots. Yes I am a hoarder; I don't know a teacher who isn't!

We began by talking about the order of colours of the rainbow. We have a set of lacing beads which Daisy made into a rainbow first. Sorry I forgot to take a photo. This bead rainbow was left on the floor as a reference and she looked at it to remember the order of colours.

Daisy started her art piece by using water colours to paint a rainbow. While that dried she wandered off to play.

The joy of using transparent containers means you can see the materials without having to dump evertything out. Daisy was able to pick what she wanted, use scissors and glue and embellish her rainbow.

She was very happy with the outcome which will help us decorate for 17th March.

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