Organisation and storage

So home and classroom storage is always an issue. There never seems to be enough space for all the stuff! I am struggling with organization of all the wonderful resources I am now collecting. I watch an episode of hoarders occasionally to remind me not to keep everything! So I am not yet brave enough to share before photos but I promise to share after photos.. cheating I know!

At the moment we are reorganizing, as everyone seems to be doing. I pinned a pic of onto our board at Pinterest and it was immediately repinned many times. It must be that January, fresh start feeling. I would like to share some sources of inspiration today.

MaryLea from Pink and Green Mama Blog likes to sort everything into rainbows. Here she is featured on a crafters blog showing her wonderful art studio space. Colour sorting makes it easier to find a colour, and really are you usually looking for a type of colouring material or a colour? I love how this method of organizing will encourage mixed media art. Her art studio is a dream space.

I have just discovered the joys of flannel bards and the creativity they allow. Flannel board sets however seem to be building in our office. Deborah from Teach Preschool organizes her flannel board sets into zip lock bags and then into plastic sheet protectors with the relevant activities and books and then into binders (lots of 'and then's!)

RL from Play at Home Mom has a beautifully organised art space for her little ones. The see though containers allow the children to spy what they want and help themselves.

Homework is not an issue for us yet but this cupboard is inspiring. Everything you could possibly need seems to be easily found.

There, that was what I needed to get my organizing buzz going again. I will fill you in on my accomplishments soon. In the mean time here are some lovely organizational products from Quality Classrooms that I covet:

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