Oreo Cookie Heart

This lovely gift, a vanilla oreo cookie look-alike, was made by Katiana (age 11 and 1/2). Here she explains how she made it:

  1. Roll it (Model Magic) out flat on a table or a place mat.
  2. Get a heart cookie cutter and cut 2 white hearts.
  3. Roll out the yellow a little thicker.
  4. Cut 1 thick yellow heart.
  5. Smush them together but don't smush it too hard.
  6. Put an 'i' pin or safety pin in with the fastener pointing in.
  7. Put on a dry, flat surface and let dry for 24 hours but don't touch it!

It can be used as a key chain or decorative ornament.

Katiana made this decoration from Model Magic:

and seemed to love the product:

"It was really soft. It was really easy to form into whatever you want. I would definitely buy it again. "

It is sitting drying on my desk and will soon be ready to hang!

Thanks Katiana.

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