Nature Finds As Art

Now what to do with nature walk collections?

Black construction paper canvas:

This work of art comes with a story (as most art does):

This is a candy tree. The bad guy is swooping down. Golden leaves are falling that can turn into gumballs. The wolf pack is howling because he does not get to eat his food. So he has to eat the golden leaves. The golden leaves are falling.

Daisy loved sharing her story.

White Paper Canvas

Flag Stone Canvas and Twig Frame.

I wish I had asked her to give each a title!

Other ideas of what to do with nature collections:

  • Sketch findings in a nature journal
  • Make jewellery strung on yarn
  • Decorate picture frames, jewellery/treasure boxes, mirrors or sunglasses
  • Construct nature mobiles to illustrate any teaching point
  • Create wild animal sculptures with stems, plastic bags ties, tape and glue

For more details on these ideas and a whole heap more have a look at Nature Sparks. A wonderful book full of activities, tips, strategies and resources.

Learning Opportunities:

  • describe decisions about element position
  • experiment constructively with image creation
  • use, explore and understand the terms space, colour and texture
  • develop oral storytelling techniques
  • have fun with recycling

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