Making Letter Stones

I made these letter stones during the summer and we have been using them lately for word making. I thought I should show you how easy they were to make. I had tried to make a capital and lower case matching activity:

but when the rocks were picked up, naturally the chalk rubbed off the stone.  So a permanent letter was needed. We used river rocks from the dollar store.

Liquid Paper, Tippex, White-Out (something white) was used to paint on the letter. A good quality acrylic paint would probably work well too. While the kids were napping I painted the letters on. It dried quickly and a second coat ensured bright, clear letters.

A squirt of glue on the letters was an invitation for Daisy to get messy when she woke up. Her job was to spread the glue with her finger to cover all of the letter and seal the paint in. She did a great job.

Drying time was short and soon they were able to play.

Rose loved running away with the stones so we played ball while Daisy had her fun first.

Then they enjoyed spinning, hiding and making words with the letter stones.

A few misconceptions were noticed and discussed as we were word playing.

These letter stones are a great alternative to magnets and tiles for a change. The more variations of letter fonts and shapes children see, the quicker they can identify common characteristics.

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