Ideas from Our Community on How to Teach Phonics

We asked you how you teach phonics and you responded with wonderful and very similar ideas. Here are your top ideas:


Songs and Nursery Rhymes are often well known by our children and so dipping into prior knowledge is a helpful way to start teaching phonics. Singing and chanting is also fun!

Hands on activities 

"Hands on letter manipulation" as recommended by Jacquie is preferable to engage whole body learning. Our alphabet section found here contains many games and resources for word building.


To teach phonics Peter advises; "Books and reading, and more reading". Having a variety of appealing levelled readers, as well as free choice is a wonderful way to encourage book love.

Games and Play

Who doesn't love to play? "Teach through play! Lots of hands on activities, songs and opportunities to explore" suggests Jennifer. Most learning activities can be turned into a game. Games = fun!


Having opportunities to talk and read aloud, individually or in a guided group helps students retain phonic knowledge.

Story telling


Retelling a story helps us to understand and use more complex language.


Not much to say here... repetition helps things to "stick".

Segmenting Sounds

Sandy likes to use "symbols above the vowels to cue soft, hard or silent sounds" while others use tricks to isolate each sound such as the the Sound Segmentation Kit seen above.

We have a collection of phonics specific resources available here and many of our other language arts resources are wonderful for phonics teaching.


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