Garden Love!

It is that time of year. The garden is screaming for attention and love and the children are... no only kidding! But finding the balance between doing garden chores and ensuring the children are safe and entertained can be a challenge. I like the balance of playing and doing activities with my children and having them entertain themselves, leaving time for me to enjoy my time. Independence is key as well as them understanding why gardening is so much fun!

The flowers have their own fairy garden in the yard. This is what it looked like last year:


and have made portable fairy gardens in the past. fairy garden

They help choose and plant flowers and herbs every year.

We also take time every few days at this time of year to see what is popping up in the perennial bed. Tulips are about to bloom and hostas and lilies are shooting up all over the place! In a month's time it will look something like this pic from last year.


Raised beds are a wonderful way to grow vegetables in a more manageable way. I had lots of gardens when we first moved out of the city but could not keep up with the weeds. This is much more manageable and therefore fun, rather than a chore.


In the background you can see a sand box,which is a great distraction for kids and adults alike and the pallets are the beginnings of a clubhouse. More info on that will follow.

Toys are cleaned as they are pulled out of winter storage under the deck. Yes they have a lot of toys but many were picked up at garage sales. The Cozy Coup we got Rose for her first birthday (from Quality Classrooms) and Freddy is now loving it. The little patio is the only alternative to grass and gravel for miles. We installed it a few years ago and it is well used as a road for ride-ons, bikes and scooters and as a canvas for chalk creations!


Here are some great plant and garden ideas you can find over Quality Classrooms and inspiration from Pinterest.

How do you keep your children interested in the garden?

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