Farm Animal Play

It is that time of year again when we think about farming.

The crops are in the field, farmers markets are frequent and we are starting to enjoy eating from our garden.

Farm Animal Play

Our Fold & Go Barn is a favourite toy and is easy to tote along to activities or a day out.

The animals can be stored inside but we have quite a collection now and they have a separate home in a tub.

Fam Animals Play

I threw in a tub of Skinny Sticks too. My theory was the girls would use them as fencing. It didn`t really happen.

I penned in the donkey as so:

Fam Animals Play

They ignored me and organised the animals into groups.

Farm Animals Play

The different sections of the barn were perfect for this activity.

They also re enacted scenes from favourite TV shows and books.

Just goes to prove, yet again, how I play with toys, is very different to the way the flowers engage with an activity.

I can predict how children will interpret a play invitation, but I am often wrong!

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