Fall Fairy

Carrying on with our fascination with fairies we decided to use all the lovely objects appearing at our feet at this time of year. A fall fairy could use the fairy furniture! A walk to the park, yielded a pale of goodies; acorns, leaves, pine cones, fluffy stuff and general garbage. All fun stuff to make fairies with. After a fun walk, discussing each object we saw;

  • Where do you think that came from?
  • What will happen to it if we leave it where it is?
  • Why is it shaped this way?
  • What was this?
  • What is it?
  • What part of a fairy could this be?
  • What tree is this from?

these questions, asked by Daisy and by myself, were somewhat answered. We also spent a few moments on our backs looking at things from a fairy perspective.

You need:

We looked at the collection carefully discussing shape, texture, materials and suitability for body parts. A rock was chosen for the head and Daisy decided it had to be orange. I am not quite sure what the crown was originally but it is pink plastic.

The parts were assembled, discussed, reassembled until she was happy with the fairy.

We thought one fall fairy would be lonely so anther was prepared to keep the first company.

After much deliberation, the fairy designer was happy. Daisy was still a little nervous of the glue gun so I glued while she helped. Again we reinforced the edges with extra glue.

Fall fairies.

When we were looking for acorn dishes for the fairy table we came across three acorns attached. Immediately Daisy said " Soccer lights mummy!" so we glued them onto a twig and put up floodlights.

Adding goals completed the soccer pitch.

When Daisy looked at the fairy area again she worried that they would have no place to sleep. So...

They now have a bed too!

Learning Opportunities:

  • L.A.: Discussing, questioning, evaluating
  • Math: Counting, sorting, symmetry, measuring, scale,
  • Art: Design, planning, colour, materials, building structures
  • Social Studies: Environment, trees, recycling

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