Fairy/Zen Garden

A rock collection has been growing on our window sills, in pockets, in bags. They seem to pop up everywhere! Action had to be taken.

An empty Swiffer box made a perfect container for the garden. Daisy headed out to the sand box and came back swinging a lot of sand around. She organised some of her rocks (pebbles) and shells and added the fairy furniture we made last summer.

She wanted to be able to change the garden around. A pastry brush did a wonderful job of smoothing out the sand. Daisy made herself a challenge to see how many different ways she could set up her garden.

Smoothing the sand. This had an instantly calming effect.

Making a camp fire.

The middle rock is for fairies to sleep on.

Precariously stacked table and benches.

Making the 'living room' more cosy.

Reorganizing and adding some more rocks and pretty stones.

The garden was hidden away from little sister's grasp. When it warms up we will find a  great spot outside. I have been informed we need to check to see if the fairies have visited... yes I will be sneaking down stairs and moving the garden slightly!

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