Fairy Pinata

Daisy requested a fairy pinata for her birthday but the deal was that she had to help make it.

I did not grow up with pinatas so how to make them was a bit of a guessing game.. all part of the fun!

We started with a balloon and used a mixture of glue and water to make a paste. Newspaper and glue mix formed the first layer of the pinata.

When that was dry we added toilet paper arms and legs and pipe cleaner wings with masking tape.Masking tape is easier to glue over than scotch tape.

We got to work again pasting newspaper and then tissue paper. The wings had only tissue paper.

I was worried about strength and had visions of it collapsing when the sweets were put inside so I added string. You can see the string when it is hanging up later. It had two long pieces of string wrapped under the fairy.

We used glue rather than a traditional paste with flour because it tends to dry much quicker and I was on a tight timeline due to inadequate planning!

Daisy added features to our fairy. I love her crazy eyes!

I used a knife to cut a small hole in the top. Daisy stuffed wrapped candy(sweets) inside and hot glued the top back on. Wool hair applied with the glue gun, completed our gorgeous fat fairy pinata!

The strings were a little short so my hubby took over as the pinata holder (brave man!).

The kids all took turns, even Rose but by the time we went around the circle twice I was getting bored. My wonderful party helper Ang. gave it a try and even she could not smash it  so I ended up smashing it on the floor, with the bat (lots of fun for me!).

The fairies descended and not a sweet was left!

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