Fairy Garden

We made gorgeous fairy gardens a couple of weekends ago. They were party take home gifts but we also made one for Granny for Easter. These would make great Mother's Day gifts too. I had spent the previous few weeks collecting wee milk cartons.

I figured they could cope with the moisture from watering better than regular card.

We set up a house building area with, flowers, craft sticks, bugs, an Uber Cutter and a glue gun.

Our super party helper Ang, was ready to help the kids glue their chosen items onto their house. They did have the option to use the glue gun as it is low temperature but most chose to have glue applied for them. They also spent time snapping craft sticks in half with the Uber Cutter. When they were happy with their fairy house they moved on out to the garage (the weather was miserable), to put the rest of their garden together.

Daisy went for the minimalist look!

Areas were set up in the garage:

  • Add gravel (for drainage)
  • Add soil
  • Add plants (two Pansy's and a sunflower)
  • Decorate with rocks and glass pebbles
  • Add a butterfly and a few ladybirds

The children moved around the garage helping themselves and gradually building their gardens.

Discussions as to where the plants and decorations should be placed were had.

I forgot to say the planters were labeled before they went to be filled. It made life easy when it became time to go home.

The birthday cupcakes had a plastic fairy cupcake topper. The guests licked them clean and many included them in their garden.

They seemed to be very pleased with their fairy gardens.

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