Earth Day Ideas

I look around some days and wonder how I ended up surrounded by so many toys. We try to choose toys suitable for open ended play and different activities. Inevitably we end up with far too many even after a give-away every Christmas.  I thought I would share some of the great products that appeal to my 'need for green'.

This gorgeous recycling truck is made from recycled milk jugs. I like the fact that recycling play can happen with a truck made from recycled materials.

This Hardwood airport is made from rubber wood. Rubber wood is used for harvesting latex and when they can't produce it anymore, they are usually cut down and burnt. Instead you can enjoy flying around in an airplane and land at a beautiful airport. Feel better about playing with planes (and expanding your carbon footprint) by playing with rubber wood planes (and reducing your carbon footprint)!

Manufactured with Canadian made bio-composite material using recycled plastic food containers and sawdust from BC pine, each truck from Sprig toy is built for a happy planet.

Explore patterns, fraction, shape-sorting and sequencing with this sun sorter. It features 12 wooden pieces and circular tray and can be used with the tray or as an independent shape and color-matching manipulative. It is made from Eco-friendly rubberwood and stained with low VOC aniline dyes.

 Tree blocks are made of 100% recycled wood, each set is unique and stimulates imaginative building.

This tea set,  from green toys, is made from recycled milk jugs just like the truck at the top. Helping to reduce the amount of fossil fuels consumed and greenhouse gases produced. These toys offer all the same play value and then some while reducing your carbon footprint.

Explore our world with beautiful drawings and lyrical text that take the reader from the tundra to the tropics to discover a whole new world of baby animals being raised by their parents.

Why should I Protect Nature??? These stories answer questions that younger children are likely to ask about a wide range of topics. Children will be attracted by the amusing colour illustration on every page and parents and teachers will appreciate the note at the back of each book offering further suggestions on answering children's questions.

As a teacher I was addicted to laminating. I guess covering paper in plastic that will last... a along time is not very green! Now I rarely use laminating but use these write and wipe pockets instead. The set of 5 clear pockets measure approximately 10'' x 14''. Slide in a piece of paper and students can write directly on the pocket to save paper and Go Green. Includes 5 write & wipe markers with an eraser tip

Sproutz: A Breath of Fresh Air in the Classroom Studies show that using green materials in schools improves the indoor air quality, decreases illness and absentees and boosts students learning and performance. The Sproutz furniture is constructed of 100% recycled wood fibre with formaldehyde free resin. Features a kydztuff finish for supreme durability.

This cute and colourful rug provides a fantastic new way to encourage children to be good stewards of our planet. Teaching kids to be kind to the environment, treat plants and animals with care, and to keep the earth green, will be easier with this adorable rug. It also meets Green Guard Standards.

All these items are available at Quality Classrooms and a 15% discount is available to celebrate 15th Anniversary until May 15th 2012.

These picks are just some of the ways I ease can my green guilt!

Do you have green guilt? How do you ease yours?

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