Around the World - 5 a day books

Daisy is still fascinated with figuring our where she lives in the world so I am taking advantage of this and throwing in books to inspire questions.

Here are our choices for the week:

Canada 123

This Canadian favourite starts with a gorgeous fall scene as the number 1 is introduced. It is perfect for starting a discussion about Canada and includes a map. Our copy is a little dog eared but much loved.

B is for Bedu

I picked this book up on a visit to The Emirates years ago. The accompanying photographs reveal the nomadic way of life in Arabia and encourage us to wonder how they have survived for thousands of years.

Just Like Me

This a reading book. With this style of book I read it and then Daisy reads it. Just Like Me dips into the lives of children in Kenya, Japan, Mexico, Germany, Australia and Korea. We will have fun exploring the globe with this book.

On the Day You Were Born

Another favourite in our home this book moves me every time I read it. "We are so glad you've come!" says it all. The illustrations of the world are thought provoking.

My Blue Book

This book celebrates the colour blue in Ghana. It gives insights to daily life through beautiful photographs.

If you would like to participate in 5 a day Books, visit The Imagination Tree.

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