30 Days to Hands on Play – Day 10-15

Pour milk in a shallow tray, add food coloring in the center. Dip a Q-Tip in dish soap and touch the center of the milk and watch it spread.
This was the suggestion from the list of ideas provided by Hands on as we Grow and we had a lot of fun doing it. Here is what we did.
We combined these together and just played in the back yard. Field trips go out the window in winter here or they are limited.
Our first decent amount of snow.
A baby snow angel also a first for this year.
Kisses from Penny the dog.
Climbing the play structure. The joys to wearing a snowsuit- padding when you fall.
Crayons, stickers, paper.
Look mummy!
Rose enjoyed this too. As for Francois; he was very proud of his art work. Daisy and Papa worked for nearly half an hour on their art.
This was a lot of fun for Daisy and myself. Check it out here.
The invitation
Rose played with the coffee can and used it like a drum but then wandered off.
There was better fun to be had with other junk; our left over megadoodle.
The cat joined in playing hide and seek under the paper.
Ripping, tearing, flinging, hiding.
And of course another popular recycled activity. This is Rose's favourite game at the minute. She is even asking for "pom pom".

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