30 days Play challenge Days 6-9

(I didn't share what we did last post so here you are!)
We used a varienty of 'islands' including pillows and soft play equipment and created a trail or train. Daisy, Rose and I had to travel along the islands and not fall into the waters below in case the sharks got us!
The play lasted much longer than 15 minutes.


Colouring in was our activity of choice.

Daisy colours egg lables.
Her Papa colours egg labels.
And Rose coloured a few lables and then moved on to free scribbling.
Our chickens have been laying now for about a month so we are finding we have more than a dozen eggs a day. Time for the chucks and ducks to earn their keep!
This dedicated colouring time was actually really relaxing and something we will now be doing every few weeks.
This is my idea of fun! We doodled and coloured and scribbled for quite a while.
There was a little peace making needed from me as Rose attempted to colour in Daisy's princesses.
Here is one we rescued.
We went more for ice play rather then water play. Frost was covering our garden with a beautiful magic and as Rose slept in the afternoon, Daisy and I went out to explore.
This was her first reaction to the ice on the chain link!!
We had a discussion about the dangers of licking cold objects ... or rather licking anything!
The chucks seemed to enjoy the frost.
Finding icy cobwebs on the play structure.
Watching as ice melted into water.
We also had fun making patterns on the icy grass with our footprints.
This a favourite with both kids and Rose in particular loves sorting, pouring and dumping.
Our tub included cotton balls, paper leaves, pasta and ribbon.
I am afraid I misplaced (lost) the photos of this activity but I can verify it was a lot of fun. We used the straws to have blowing competitions with the cotton balls. Daisy is making up the rules and it is difficult to work her logic out but we negotiated the boundaries. The tweezers were a hit for both girls although Rose only used them for about a minute. Her hands were quicker for grabbing. They used a variety of containers too. Daisy likes to make soup and Rose preferred to transfer from one container to another.
We are keeping up with the challenges well but not posting blogs in a timely manner. The play is taking up our time and I am glad to make that a priority. Happy playing.

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